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8 reasons to love Christchurch, New Zealand

Lieselot De Brauwer is a freelance writer and travel blogger. She sees herself as a world citizen, but lost her heart to New Zealand and was an expat in Christchurch. She specializes in New Zealand and Canada travel, outdoor adventures and inspiring others to explore new places on her blog The World is a Circus

So you’re finally planning to book your dream trip to New Zealand. Yay! About time, right?

But where to start? Flights I guess. Well, most people come in one of two ways. They fly into Auckland, which is New Zealand’s biggest city on the North Island, or into Christchurch, the biggest city on the South Island, which has my favorite airport in New Zealand.

Depending on how you plan your trip, you must visit Christchurch, an awesome place to start, finish or just plain visit all on its own.

A city in a land that is famous for its wilderness, it could be easy to overlook, but let me tell you, as an expat there for years, it’s worth stopping through to get a real for what makes New Zealand tick and to get a taste for real kiwi culture.

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An autumn escape to Lombardy Cottage

As a writer and pure introvert at heart, I am constantly on the lookout for cute and cozy hideaways where I can disappear off the grid, relax, and feel inspired.

I wish there was a word for that feeling, but it’s something I yearn for when I travel, and probably my most ultimate state of comfort. The closest thing I’ve found is the Danish concept of “Hygge” or the art of coziness. Have you heard of it?

My favorite style of accommodation would probably be hygge, if that can be a thing.

Places that make you want to curl up with a tea by the fire with a book and maybe a cat or two on a rainy day. Probably old and made of stone or wood and smells a bit musty. Cabins. Homey and happy. I adore places that make you sigh a deep exhale and smile when you walk in the door. It just makes me really happy.

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The best natural wonders of the Whitsunday Islands

Australia has no shortage of spectacular locations, and the stunning beaches and islands of Queensland is no exception. With the colorful Great Barrier Reef sparkling along the coast, with a collection of 74 tropical islands, the Whitsundays need to be on your travel wish list.

Here the natural wonders of Australia converge to produce one of the most beautiful regions in the world with reef, rainforest, beaches and islands…what more could you want?!

Located off the coast of North Queensland, Australia, the Whitsundays rest in the Coral Sea. There are so many things to experience, especially if you’re a big fan of the underwater world. If you love being by beautiful beaches and sea, this is the place for you. 

Besides, I’m pretty sure the Great Barrier Reef is on everyone’s bucketlists, am I right?
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10 big life lessons I’ve learned from the backcountry

I didn’t start out as an expert in the outdoors.

I didn’t grow up doing orienteering races or learning navigation or given any backcountry tips. Aside from binge eating Thin Mints, I had nothing to do with Girl Scouts and couldn’t have cared less about hiking or camping.

As I got older and more appreciative of my natural surroundings, I became more curious. I, like so many other people, began wondering how to exist in the outdoors despite having absolutely no skill set or knowledge to get me there.

Like most people, I didn’t have thousands of dollars to spend on an outdoor education course so I had to learn the old fashion way: through many, many trials and errors. Living in New Zealand, I love spending my free time hiking and exploring our incredible backyard.


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